Top 10 Use Case Presentations at Digital Energy Summit ’23

The Digital Energy Summit ’23, scheduled for December 6th and 7th, promises a wealth of insights into the evolving digital energy landscape, innovative technologies, and solutions shaping the industry’s future. Here’s a sneak peek into some noteworthy use case presentations.

Erica Svetec, the Project Coordinator at Green Energy Cooperative, unveils the “Redream” initiative. This initiative confronts the critical challenge of achieving effective energy flexibility in Croatia’s intricate energy market. Erica will delve into tailor-made digital solutions designed to navigate the integration of renewable energy sources, balance demand-response systems, and adhere to evolving regulatory frameworks.

Roman Tomažič from the Slovene Consumers’ Association (ZPS) shares insights from their involvement in the iFLEX project. Their goal is to facilitate energy consumers’ engagement in flexibility services, allowing them to adjust energy consumption based on price signals, flexibility requests, or incentives from the energy system.

Dr. Emilija Stojmenova Duh

Tadej Šinkovec presents Elektro Ljubljana’s self-developed application, monitoring transformer stations’ overload and voltage conditions. Additionally, Tadej will provide an analysis of potential flexibility in the distribution area, aiming to ensure network stability and sustainability.

Ilias Iakovidis

Lev Prislan from Gen-I shares insights into their daily European energy market monitoring, powered by approximately 100 analysts using AI and an internal chat bot. Gen-I’s innovative strategies constantly adapt to market dynamics, fostering growth and innovation.

TSOs DSOs roundtable

Franc Drobnič from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering explores the ever-evolving Data Spaces Technology Landscape. His presentation aims to elucidate current trends, various application types, and practical examples shaping the energy sector.

Senad Aruc

Dr. Andrej Bregar delves into the proactive cybersecurity solutions benefiting the energy ecosystem, focusing on the case study of the CyberSEAS project.

Senad Aruc

Dr. Rok Lacko provides insights into infrastructure solutions for managing advanced energy services, shedding light on GEN-I’s innovative approaches.

Senad Aruc

Uršula Krisper introduces the FlexCHESS project. This pioneering project leverages digital twin concepts, Virtual Energy Storage Systems (VESS), and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to revolutionize current practices, enhancing grid stability and profitability.

Senad Aruc

David Vidmar from GEN-I focuses on delivering sustainable energy solutions to prosumers, exploring services and infrastructure aimed at empowering consumers in the energy landscape.

Senad Aruc

These presentations promise to unveil groundbreaking insights and pioneering solutions, rendering the Digital Energy Summit ’23 an indispensable platform for industry professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of digitalisation of energy. Secure your spot HERE.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the 6th and 7th of December!

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