General Terms and Conditions
for Events by Prosperia d. o. o.

1. General

The general terms and conditions govern the registration and cancellation of the registration process for an individual event, the protection of personal data, the participant’s fee, and the method of payment, as well as the event itself and the conditions of participation and access to materials for events organized by Prosperia, d. o. o., Železna cesta 10a, 1000 Ljubljana (hereinafter the Organiser).

The General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of every application for every event, regardless of the form of application, and are valid and applicable to all events and participants, as well as to reasonable purchasers of materials, unless the Organiser expressly and in writing specifies otherwise on the event’s website.

Each person who registers for an individual event irrevocably, unconditionally, and fully accepts these general terms and conditions, which are published in the currently valid version for the individual event on the Organiser’s website.

2. Protection of Personal Data

The obtained personal data will be used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the GDPR for the needs of event organization and communication with participants, and will not be forwarded to third parties without the consent of the data subjects. More in the Privacy Policy.

3. Registration, Participant’s Fee and Payment


Registration for an individual event is possible while spots for participants are available. Registration can be done via the online form on the website (on the event’s page), by e-mailing, or by posting the form to the address Železna cesta 16, 1000 Ljubljana. Online registration is confirmed when you receive a confirmation email.

The application form can also be filled out and submitted on the day and at the location of the physical event, if such an option is specified and published on the website for an individual event that takes place physically.

Registration and then access to the event on the day of the event is possible after payment has been made, if such an option is specified and published on the website for an individual event that is held online.

Participant’s Fee

The amount of the participant’s fee and what it includes is determined for each event and is published on the event’s website. VAT is not included and is calculated separately at the applicable tax rate.

Discounts are valid upon timely payment. Otherwise, the participant’s fee is charged in full. The deadline is indicated in the proforma invoice.


After receiving the application, a proforma invoice or regular invoice is issued. The payment deadline is specified in the proforma invoice or regular invoice. The registration fee can also be paid before receiving the proforma invoice or regular invoice.

Payment shall be made prior to the event and transferred to the bank account at UniCredit Banka Slovenija, d. d., Ljubljana: SI56 2900-0005 5676 208.

The invoice for payment of the participant’s fee is issued after the service has been performed.

4. Discounts

Discounts for individual events are defined on the event website. The discount is taken into account if the participant claims it within a certain period or proves the existence of a discount circumstance. To claim the discounts, timely payment is required within the deadline specified on the proforma invoice. Otherwise, the registration fee is charged in full. Discounts are non-cumulative.


Students are entitled to a special discount on the participant’s fee for events where this is explicitly stated. When registering, students must present a valid identity document, student card, and/or school certificate. The student discount is generally intended for full-time undergraduate students of the 1st and 2nd Bologna process. People who are full-time employees do not have the right to claim the student discount.


Pensioners are entitled to a special discount on the participant’s fee for events where this is explicitly stated. Pensioners are obliged to present a valid identity document and a copy of the receipt of their pension.

5. Cancellation and Replacement of Participants

Registration Cancelation

Logout or cancellation of the participant’s registration is possible without the obligation to pay the participant’s fee in writing to at least eight (8) days before the event, unless otherwise specified for the individual event on the website.

In case of late cancellation, which means less than eight (8) days before the event, or non-participation in the event, the participant’s fee for the participant of the event will be charged in full.

Cancellation of registration without the obligation to pay the entire participant’s fee is not possible if the participant requests payment after the event at the time of registration. In this case, the registration fee is charged in full.

Failure to pay the proforma invoice and/or non-participation at the event does not mean automatic cancellation of registration. If the registrant wishes to unsubscribe, they must notify the Organiser via email at at least eight (8) days before the event. Otherwise, registration cancellation is no longer possible.

Participant Replacement

Participant replacement is always possible at no extra charge if done in writing via email to Replacement is free of charge and possible until 3 pm on the day preceding the event.

6. Change, Cancellation of the Event

The Organiser reserves the right to change the content of the program, date, or location of the event.

The Organiser also reserves the right to cancel the event. In the event of a cancellation, the already registered participants are informed by email or phone and are fully refunded. If the participant agrees, they can withhold the funds for participation in another event occurring that same year.

7. Attendance of Hybrid Events

Should the participant decide to attend the online version of the event instead of the live event, they may do so at no extra charge. They may also choose to change from ‘online’ to ‘live’. Changing the method of monitoring the event from the online mode to the live option is possible in writing with an additional payment up to the value of the registration fee for monitoring the event in live mode as applicable on the day of the notified change.

The participant must state their request to change their type of attendance in writing via email at not more than 7 days before the event.

In the case of changing the method of monitoring the event from the live option to the online mode, the Organiser is obliged to implement the change and send online access as soon as possible, and no later than 75 minutes after the change was requested.

8. Conditions for the Participation of Accredited Journalists

The Organiser, at its own discretion, may allow invited and accredited journalists to participate in certain events free of charge. The journalist obtains accreditation by applying on time and proving their journalist status by presenting their journalist card and a written statement from the editors that the journalist will cover the event for the needs of the media and report on it or write an article.

9. Event Materials

If the participant’s fee includes the materials for events, these are published and accessible on the Organiser’s website for a certain period of time. As a rule, any contributions of foreign lecturers are published in the original language, without translation into Slovenian.

At the discretion of the Organiser, paid access to materials published on the website from events that are accessible on the website is possible after the event. As a rule, the purchase is possible online. Upon successful purchase, the buyer receives a confirmation e-mail about the purchase, username, and password, as well as the time availability of access to the material they purchased, to their specified e-mail address.

Access to the materials is limited to one registered user. Forwarding accessible data and materials to third parties is considered a violation of the license and intellectual rights. In such an event, the Organiser has the right to block further access to the material and not refund the payment.

10. Content of Events and Lectures

The content of lectures and statements at individual events exclusively expresses the opinions of the speakers or authors and not necessarily the organizations in which they are employed or the Organiser.

Lectures that will be held in a foreign language without translation into Slovenian will be specially marked and announced by the Organiser in advance in public announcements about the program. The participant can send a written notice to at least ten (10) days before the event to request a translation into Slovenian. The Organiser will provide it if it is technically and organizationally feasible, otherwise it will provide at least a written translation of the summary.

11. Photography and Recording of Events

The Organiser reserves the right to photograph and audio- and video-record the events, speakers, and participants. The recorded materials and statements of the participants are the property of the Organiser and can be used for the purposes of informing about the event and its promotion on the Organiser’s website, e-mails, on the Organiser’s social networks, in event publications, in public media, and other communication channels that the Organiser uses for promotion. The Organiser may use the audio, video, and photo materials from the events for promotional purposes for an unlimited period of time.

If an individual participant does not want to be included in photos, videos, or audio materials, they must explicitly notify the Organiser in writing at, so that they can be identified and excluded from being depicted in the said materials if they appear close-up and are easily recognizable.

Persons who are not accredited journalists may record or photograph individual parts of the event or the entire event only with the written consent of the Organiser. These materials may not be used for any purposes other than informing and informing the public through print and online media without the express written consent of the Organiser.

12. Direct Marketing

The Organiser may use the received personal data of participants and buyers of event materials or other products and services of the Organiser for direct marketing of its services, events, and products. The Organiser stores and processes the specified personal data until written cancellation by the participant. The participant may at any time request in writing that the Organiser permanently or temporarily ceases using their personal data for direct marketing purposes. The Organiser is obliged to prevent the use of personal data for the purpose of direct marketing within fifteen (15) days and to notify the individual who requested it in writing within a further five (5) days. The costs of these actions in connection with the termination of the use of the personal data of the individual shall be borne by the Organiser.

13. Limitation on Direct Marketing at Events

Direct marketing at the Organiser’s events, regardless of whether they are organized in physical or virtual form, including but not limited to activities before and after the event, is possible only on the basis of a partnership agreement with the Organiser. In order to provide participants with a pleasant user experience and a distraction-free environment, the Organiser does not allow direct marketing by other event participants or unauthorized stakeholders who have not entered into a partnership agreement with the Organiser. This rule includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:

  • non-contractual exhibitions, mobile exhibition stands, catering services;
  • non-contractual activities for recruiting members and promoting events;
  • receptions, parties, meetings and similar events (even off-site events) for speakers, participants, and other guests of the event not agreed upon by the contract during the time when they are engaged by the Organiser;
  • recruitment of conference participants or the Organiser’s staff;
  • non-contractual distribution of printed or electronic materials, including literature, signs, leaflets, invitations, tickets, forms, etc. (except business cards).


Any individual and/or organization found to be in violation of these rules may be removed from the event without a refund of ticket money. The Organiser has the right to charge compensation in the amount of EUR 2,000 excluding VAT against violators, whereby the compensation does not affect any other compensation claims of the Organiser against the violator.

14. Code of Conduct at Events

If the participant behaves inappropriately, in violation of the law, is offensive or harmful to other participants of the event or the Organiser, or disrupts the event in any other way, the Organiser reserves the right to exclude the participant from the event. In this case, the participant is not entitled to reimbursement of costs or the value of the ticket. The Organiser reserves the right to assert additional compensation claims.

15. Notification

The participant agrees to be informed about the Organiser’s offers. The participant may revoke the consent for notification at any time by notifying the Organiser in writing.

16. Validity of the General Conditions

The general conditions are valid from 1 April 2021.

Prosperia, d. o. o.

Ljubljana, August 2022

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